Frequently Asked Questions: Videographer for Your Wedding

Our professionals carefully edit each film to ensure customers we provide consistently high-quality wedding video. Our turnaround time is 8-12 weeks. We will contact you if there could be any delays. Please feel free to contact us at any time to check on the production of your film.

Besides, we are offering a one-minute teaser of your wedding day for your social media channels. We will deliver this video within a week after shooting your wedding.

If needed, you can purchase a priority edit. It means we will have your film completed within seven business days from your wedding.

All of our packages include full capture of the ceremony as long as it’s within the coverage hours.

The speeches will be captured as long as they are within the hours of coverage. Video editing of the speeches will depend on your chosen package.

Our quoted hours of coverage included in the packages refer to continuous hours. You choose the start time. For example, with a 4-hour package and a nominated start time of 1:00 pm, our videographer will finish at 5 pm.

If you decide that you would like the videographer to stay longer on the day, you are welcome to arrange this directly with the videographer, subject to their availability. This is charged extra per hour and must be paid directly to the videographer at the time.

You can select a suitable time & location for the videographer to begin capturing footage. For example, if your ceremony sets to start at 2 pm & you booked the 4-hour package, you could have the videographer begin at noon. This would capture some of the bridal preparation. Then we would travel to the ceremony & location photo (video) shoot. The coverage would then finish at 4 pm.

Once coverage has commenced, the videographer will only capture within your selected package in the hours pre-booked. If you decide on the day you would like to extend our video or photo services, you are required to pay for the extra hours on the same day of shooting and if the videographer is available to stay longer.

Our videographers and photographers are happy to work with you to capture the parts of the day most important to you. Many couples choose to include footage of the preparations at home. We like to allow at least one hour for this before heading to the ceremony location. Please bear in mind that we require 30 minutes on location before the Brides enter the ceremony for setting up.

When choosing your package, please consider what parts of the day you would like filmed. For example, if you choose a 4-hour package, please be mindful that filming preparations at home will limit the time able to be spent at the reception, and you may wish to consider a more extended package.

A sample run sheet for an 8-hour package could be:
12:15 pm Videographers arrival to film preparation at home
1:15 pm Travel to Ceremony Venue
2:00 pm Ceremony followed by location photoshoots
5:30 pm videographer mingles with guests and records guests tributes to the couple
6:00 pm Recording of the Bridal Parties entry to reception
6:30 pm Speeches
7:30 pm Cake Cutting and First Dance
8:15 pm Videographer end time

Unfortunately, we are unable to split the hours of coverage. The hours of coverage are continuous from the starting time.

Once the videographer arrives at the first location, the hours of coverage begin. If travel is required between locations, this is within the hours of coverage.

Example: You have booked the 4-hour package & have the videographer between 1:30 pm- 5:30 pm. After the ceremony, you have planned the location photoshoot to be at a location that is a 30min drive away. The 30min used in traveling to that location is still a part of the time booked within the 4 hours.

If you have us capture footage during the reception with more than 4-hour packages, a meal is required. These are generally called ‘workers meals or ‘vendor meals’ and can be arranged with your venue.

If your wedding is in an area that requires us to pay for parking, we will pass these receipts on to you. This is generally required for an inner-city wedding and many hotels. We do our best not to use paid parking, but it is required from time to time.

Typically, we don’t supply the RAW footage as a part of the package prices. The way in which we film on the day means the footage looks the best once editing incomplete.

The style in which our videographers film is designed to capture the best variety footage for the ‘Highlights’ film. This means they are capturing short clips while moving around for different angles & perspectives. The ceremony & speeches are captured in full.

For the Highlights Film, audio is only recorded during the vows at the ceremony (& speeches if your package includes that). It also can be recorded during the preparations or during the location photoshoot.

The style in which we edit the Highlights film means we only use audio from the vows. We then edit this with your choice of music. The rest of the captured sound is used for creative purposes only and not considered essential or mandatory for the wedding video film. We do capture audio for the entire duration of the ceremony/ speeches.

We offer a digital download of your edited Highlights film, ceremony & speeches (if in your package) for all of our packages. We will send you a link to download this once the editing is complete.

We can also host your film online for you to be able to stream it to friends and family. You can add a DVD/USB pack (including DVD authoring) to your package at extra cost. DVD disc and cases can be printed with the custom picture.

You can add a DVD/USB pack to your package and choose as many copies of the DVD as you need. All DVDs can be delivered with custom printed cases.

The ceremony & speeches (if selected in your packages) will be supplied on your DVD/USB. For example, if your ceremony went for 35min and your speeches went for 45min plus the 10mins highlights film, your DVD/USB would be 1.5hours long.

All the videos will be stitched together into one video file. The video files are supplied as .mov or .mp4 files. We can provide these as separate videos within the DVD menu for you to watch.

We do our best to be unobtrusive throughout the ceremony. The videographer has a camera which he/she roams with. They will move around the ceremony and day to capture different angles and positions.

They generally stay to the sides and back of the ceremony but may approach for the key moments. We always provide an additional angle with the unmanned camera (on a tripod) for multiple camera editing when filming a ceremony.

Once you have viewed the edited video film, you can request one change to the edit if required.

We use HD DSLR and Mirrorless cameras to capture the footage. Audio is recorded with a digital audio recorder & lapel mic where available.

You can contact us any time if some additional questions occur, and we will be happy to help with the answer.

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