Raw Diamond Engagement Ring: 8 Ultimate Tips For Buying

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Raw Diamond Engagement Ring

Buying a raw diamond engagement ring might be one of the essential shopping in a man’s life since the ring should symbolize your love to her and commitment to your intended. A man needs to pick and choose a perfect engagement ring for your upcoming wedding day.

For you guys who are always afraid of shopping for your partner’s raw diamond engagement ring, the following wedding ring buying guide and tips will help you buy an engagement ring properly. But there are two things to prepare before you go to the shop. You should know your girlfriend’s jewelry and garnet tastes and plan your engagement ring budget.

The following tips for buying a raw diamond engagement ring will help you pick the perfect wedding ring for your partner and make her love you more. It is not about money, and it is about relationship.

What Engagement Ring Do Women Want?

Even when you know what exact type of ring your girlfriend wants, buying it yourself can be very hard and risky. You can ask her about an engagement ring that she wants to wear forever, and you should notice that it is hard to get the ring.

A great idea is by proposing a temporary novelty ring or just a ring with cubic zirconium. After your partner says yes, you can go shopping at the jewelry store for the perfect garnet engagement ring.


Setting For Engagement Ring Budget

You may buy a raw diamond ring offered on the market by jewelry industry ads since they are trying to convince us that engagement rings should cost more expensive than the general two months salary.

However, the truth is, a raw diamond engagement ring should cost whatever you and your partner would feel comfortable with it. Be wise and afford to spend for comfortable rings, and set that as your engagement ring budget plan.


Select An Engagement Jewelry Store


There are millions of jewelry store which offer varies of engagement rings. You can pick one of the best stores, and the best way to choose a jewelry or diamond store is by word of mouth. Ask the other married friends and family where to buy.



Raw Diamond Engagement Ring

Try to check their suggestions and recommendations out. Also, consider finding more information about the store using the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website to see whether the business has any pending complaints or lawsuits. 

Things To Know About Engagement Rings


Basically, there are “4 C’s” if we are talking about a diamond: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat. 




Clarity defines and grades the number of external blemishes and internal inclusions that a raw diamond stone might have. Clarity is also essential since the fewer flaws, the brighter the diamond stone.




Colour, the colour of raw diamonds, refers to the interior body colour of the diamond. The less colour in a diamond, then the more expensive the diamond is. However, if there is a strong and intense colour like rare reds or blues, then the diamonds should likely be more expensive than colourless diamonds.




Cut, it is not about its shape but how well the raw diamond ring is fashioned, which affects its reflective qualities and proportions to maximize its beautify. In short, the better the cut of the stone means, the brighter and brilliant the diamond.




Carat, the diamonds are measured in carats and points. Points are known as the subunits of carat, as well as inches are too afoot; there are one hundred points in every carat.


Tips From A Diamond Expert

Why A Grading Report Helps To Detect Raw Diamond Treatments


The diamond industry is under siege with new technological advances that simulate natural diamonds and treat imperfect diamonds into perfect ones. While someone may want to rely on some simple do-it-yourself diamond newspaper test to determine a real versus a fake diamond, that can end up being a costly mistake. 

Raw diamond grading laboratories are the experts on the latest ways people are enhancing, treating, or simulating diamonds. And they can spot things that may be hard to do otherwise.


Raw Diamond Engagement Ring

No Simulated Diamonds Or Synthetics Allowed


Some laboratories, the most trusted ones like GIA, won’t even issue diamond gradings for simulants or synthetics. If you ask them to grade one of these, you’ll immediately know they’re fake. The diamond industry needs to recognize genuine diamonds from the human-made ones to keep trust high in the diamond industry.


Other Types Of Enhancements


Some diamonds are treated with high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) treatments. Others are fracture-filled. Sometimes this is done with full disclosure, and other times it is not. It can make a raw diamond appear to be of higher quality when it is not. In the past, the HPHT treatments were hard to spot, but no more. 


The labs can now ascertain which diamonds have been HPHT treated and note that on the grading report to help you make the right buying decision. Other types of modifications, like laser-drilling, may not affect the diamond quality or may be used for identification purposes. Still, again, you will be happy to have full disclosure by ordering a grading report with these details on it. Working with a trusted laboratory can be a great way to spend the money wisely when you pay for the ring.


Choosing A Raw Diamond Engagement Ring

Raw Diamond Engagement Ring


If you choose a diamond for your engagement ring, you should know about the shapes, certified, cut, clarity, and colour. The following paragraph will tell you a little more about diamond engagement rings.


Diamonds also come in many shapes: heart, pear, oval, marquise, emerald, but the most brilliant is the most popular. Ensure that whatever diamond you buy has a “Cert,” as well as the document from the GIA, IGI, EGL, or AGS that delineates the colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the raw diamond on your engagement ring. 


Engagement Ring Setting Types & Band Styles


The raw diamond engagement ring settings are varied. Many options are available on the market, such as the classic, simple, to channel settings. Get back to reality, and find the comfortable one.


There are a lot of options to choose from, but be careful since the perfect setting may hide a blemish or slight imperfection in the diamond. Again, ask your partner for a better decision. Most women are idealists. You have to be careful and know more about her favourites. 


Raw Diamond Engagement Ring

Get A Good Raw Diamond Engagement Ring


All wedding jewelry prices are always negotiable, and it is possible to get a good deal on buying raw diamond engagement rings. So, tell the jeweller about the budget and make sure that figure is actually below what engagement ring you can afford to spend.

Finally, make sure that you have the jeweller put in writing on the sales invoice the exact gemological specifications of the raw diamond, such as the 4C’s grading of the gem. Happy shopping for an engagement ring!




The price of raw diamonds is in different size brackets, such as 75 CT or 1.00 CT. Keep in mind when choosing a diamond for an engagement ring. Cross over one of these magic price lines. Their price jumps considerably. Most diamond engagement rings are about 1.00 CT in size. So do not forget about the price bracket information when picking your diamond, and you could save some money. 


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