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First of all, if you are looking for a wedding photographer or wedding videographer, thank you for taking the time to visit our website and, of course, CONGRATULATIONS!

Weddings are something great and special to a couple and so should be given the importance that they deserve. It is a short time event as it occurs just once in a lifetime, but very important to a couple.


I consider our work as a true story to tell, not by words, but through the images. We specialize in picturing marriages, making memorable and special moments from the event. During the wedding event, we will always be around you, of course when you need us.

Certainly, weddings are incredibly meaningful, emotional, and of course, memorable. Our promise at its core is to create an amazing experience for you and to capture those emotions of your special day for generations to come. Our wedding services, based in the Toronto area and GTA, provide you with consistently professional wedding videography and wedding photography.

As a wedding videographer  I love to meet great people to get the opportunity of making art a reality. The smiles and memory created during this ceremony are what drives me. I love to see other people looking happy and having fun while we are part of it.

We involve simple packages that are made for the special needs of different couples depending on the desire and affordability of the couple. In our wedding packages, as a couple, you dictate the service you feel suits your event.

So, if you are planning to have your wedding soon, you can fill out a contact form on the website and set up a meeting with them.

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The Initial Meeting – What to Expect from Wedding Videography or Wedding Photography

During our meeting, we will discuss in more detail your upcoming event as well as the approach of filming your special day. The chances are that you will have already seen our portfolio page and hopefully, you will agree that our photographic and cinematic standards are second to none. The first meeting is a great chance for us to look at our past work and get an idea of the style of photography or videography you prefer. Bringing along your own material, examples and ideas, is welcome as our aim is to tailor our approach to your tastes and requirements.


I will happily answer any questions you may have about our packages and products, and remember, we can adapt our packages to suit your wedding budget so don’t be afraid to ask. Our photographers and videographers are friendly, approachable and ready to help. There is no obligation to book our services so don’t feel under pressure to make any decision on the day.


And that’s it! Very relaxed and informal. You will have a good idea of how we work, the style that you prefer and the options that you have.

Now, we all know that there is always a question you forget to ask which you will probably remember in the car. Don’t worry you can contact us anytime and we will happily help.

Why Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography Are Such An Important Part Of Your Special Day

A lot of couples are looking for unique and timeless ways to capture their wedding ceremonies on film. This is one of the many reasons why wedding movies are fast becoming a popular trend. While couples still hire photographers for these affairs, they also make sure to have at least one talented videographer on hand as well.


Having films created for these events is a great way to capture the sights, sounds and comments that have made these moments so special. Photos capture physical expressions and select moments. Videos, however, do not miss a thing, especially if you hire professional videographers who capable to operate several cameras on your wedding day.


There are other benefits to having a good videographer present at your nuptials. Foremost among these is the fact that this professional will have an entirely different artistic focus than your wedding photographer. Your photographer will be focused on specific types of lighting and angles. But your wedding videographer, however, will want to highlight specific themes, consider filming from different elevations and establish a sense of continuity. Thus, although both of them, photographer and videographer will be essentially filming the same event, their results will be remarkably different.

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Couples often want to share their wedding photos with their kids in order to give their children a better idea of what theirs younger years and the formative stages of their relationships were actually like. 


Although photos can be informative, they lack many of the details that video films provide. A wedding videographer can make a movie that offers insight into the words that were spoken and the tones and inflection that were used. Rather than feeling like passive viewers, kids can feel as though they were there with their parents on the day of their ceremonies.



Should memorabilia from these occasions ever become lost, people will have more resources to fall back on. Copies of videos can also be used for their stills as well. I am not saying that you will get the best quality pictures of your wedding video. But you will be able to have great and distinctive photos. It would be an auxiliary addition to those which a professional wedding photographer has taken. 


These can be reproduced and then printed as individual unique photos of your wedding day. And with ease, you can send it to friends and family members to be viewed on a broad range of devices. Even as time wears on and technology continues to evolve at a lightning-fast pace, people can still return to their photos and videos to reconnect with the feelings that they felt on these momentous occasions.




The greatest benefit of wedding videography or wedding photography, however, is the fact that they can be edited to perfection. Couples can choose specific themes or ideas that they wish to convey. Their videographer or photographer can then take the collected footage and fine-tune it with professional colour grading to use their creativity so that it is the best representative of their project goals.

Professional wedding videography cares for all the memories of your special day. The way you moved, the way you walked up the aisle, the way your husband, family and friends reacted when they saw you in your gown. You’ll remember your wedding day forever…

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