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At WeddingTales, We Love a Wedding Photography

Being in a wedding photography industry enables me to do what I love – capturing special moments for others on one of the most critical days in their lives. Photographing weddings gives me great joy, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!


My love of photography began in capturing moments on film for my family as a kid. The passion grew from there. Now, as a father of two amazing kids, one of my favourite things is to capture the precious little moments of family life.


I approach my job as a wedding photographer with great seriousness. I know that should go without saying, but I feel many approaches this work far too casually. Please don’t mistake me for being overly serious. I love to have fun also, but at the end of the day, the only thing that remains of the wedding day is the photograph, and I want to make sure that you have a legacy to pass on for generations!

Genuine More Than Anything.

I want to tell the story of your wedding day. I believe that your special day is your day, and we are there to serve you. There are two goals in our wedding photography for your wedding day:

-To capture beautiful moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.
-To help you enjoy your day, relieve stress, and help your day flow.

I try to avoid falling prey to the photographic trends of the day. We want your wedding photos and albums to stand the test of time and be cherished by you and your grandchildren forty with something years from now. For this reason, we try to balance a classic feel that is both modern and enduring.

Our Wedding Photography Approach

That all depends on what you want. We are open to your ideas. If you want a classic over-tone, a fun look, a relaxed theme, or a vintage look, we can accommodate all of this.

Left up to us, we will shoot your day with a photojournalistic slant. I say ‘slant’ because certain posed shots do have their place at a wedding, but they are limited, and I prefer to use the term natural but perhaps ‘prompted’ a touch. Most parents will love a full length ‘plain’ shot of you two, and we’ll take that shot… but there would be a dozen other similar poses I can guide you into that would give the same ‘look’ but be much more impressive as far as wedding photography goes.

The other styles I mentioned, classic, fun, and vintage, are also achieved through editing. The classic we would de-saturate a bit. The fun will be saturation and vibrance lifted a bit, vintage will be sepia tones, and maybe some textures. We can give you the ‘look’ that you want!

Personally, though I would say, in the years to come, the posed photos will be lovely and still have there ‘Wow’ factor… but the tear in your Mum’s eye or Dad giving the bride a kiss, are the shots that you will find real love for. This can only be achieved with the photojournalistic style of wedding photography that I focus on but complement with a few other photos.

You’re more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions!

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