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Hey there, my name is Kos and I have been filming weddings for over a decade. I grew up in Ukraine, where I specialized as a wedding videographer as well as a documentary filmmaker. 


Not to mention that I was always passionate about film and digital photography since I started to help my dad with film development in his home-based laboratory deep back in my childhood. So, for me,  photography has always been something personal and spiritual.  


I love to see profound moments when I’m behind the scene. Being a wedding videographer is all about documenting the human spirit. When I moved to Canada, I decided to keep the focus on wedding photography and videography in Toronto and GTA. 


My passion is for capturing precious emotions and telling the real story of love.  I’m convinced that everybody has his unique vision of the wedding day. That’s why I like to use an individual approach to every couple. All I’d like to do is to memorize the warm atmosphere of the wedding day through my eyes and my camera.

KOS - WeddingTales Photography and Videography

ONE MOMENT IN TIME… Capturing moments that should never be forgotten.

It has been said that time waits for no man. Neither do those special moments when your first child is born, your oldest child is graduating high school, or you’re beginning a new life together as husband and wife…the earth is abloom with all of God’s splendour, none of this wait. That is why we capture these moments on “film.”

Our mind can only hold so many images and soon those memories will fade. Our job is to preserve those memories forever in a fine portrait for you to treasure for years to come.

Nothing captures the essence of life like fine wedding videography and photography. Special moments that will never come again, need…… ONE MOMENT IN TIME

Toronto Wedding Videography and Photography

What Wedding Videography and Photography Means to Me?

Although creative new images and styles of photography have been added since my first wedding “shoot,” the philosophy and approach to your special day have remained essentially unchanged.


I’m trying to provide helpful advice and direction along the way and never forget that this is YOUR wedding day. Long before the wedding day, we’ll discuss the timing of your day — appointments with the hairdresser, out-of-town arrivals, arrangements with the reception hall, etc. Together, we could plan a schedule and talk about your needs and desires to try to adjust the timing to suit. I like to consider the types of wedding videography and photography you desire and schedule adequate time to preserve these precious moments as photographic images or video film.


When the guests have gone home, the flowers have faded and the wedding dress is packed away — these are the images and motion pictures that will help you to relive the magic and to experience again the joy of that special day.


And finally, I always strive to provide personal service — those little extras that don’t show up on the price sheet but make your day extra special.

How Am I Working in Wedding Videography and Photography Industry?

No two weddings are alike, and that’s how it ought to be. That’s exactly how I prefer it, actually. Your day is special and filled with many factors that make it yours. However, one thing it shouldn’t be is stressful. A perfect plan, communication, and our connection are key! The wedding experience is an inclusive package. When I agree to be there to capture your wedding, you’ve added another resource as well as a friend to help make your big day as stress-free as possible. So how do we do it?

We’ve already hit it off during our consultation but it’s a little different when I have the camera in my hand and you are both in front of my lens. For some couples, it’s their first time getting their photos taken professionally.

The engagement session is my favourite part of the wedding videography and photography experience. Because it’s the day that I learn how to take your photos. I pay close attention to details like how you lean in and smile when he looks at you or how he tends to touch the small of your back as you walk away. My goal is to capture you comfortably, honestly, and totally in your natural state of being in love. In the process, you will also get comfortable with me taking your pictures!

I tell all my brides to contact me for anything and to keep me updated on every wedding detail they care to share. I ask them to think of me as a friend who is constantly planning their dream wedding. I love weddings, most importantly all the details! The more I know about your day, the more I’ll know what to capture and what’s most important to you. I’m also a great resource for your wedding planning as well as wedding videography and photography of course).


With four-six weeks left till your wedding day, we will arrange a time to go over your timeline. I can send you worksheets if needed, to fill out before our meeting so when we chat about two weeks before your wedding day, we are simply confirming the details of your day. A great plan ensures that you have more time to enjoy your party!

The Wedding Experience is a standard package and couples have the option to pick from an a la carte menu to customize it further. Couples have the option to choose their printing and album services as I provide all high-resolution edited images free of copyright.

I am primarily doing wedding videography and photography and engagements and a handful of anniversary sessions. I also accept photography: boudoir, maternity, newborn, and family sessions from past, current, and future couples).

Feel free to inquire contact form and fill out it completely. I will respond to you within 24 hours. I only book one event per day and only a limited amount of weddings per year.


Toronto Wedding Videography and Photography - WeddingTales
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